News Shopper 30 January 2019

Boost your wellbeing in later life

When we think of retirement, most of us envision a less stressful way of living that allows us to socialise, take up new or forgotten hobbies and travel. Yet, the reality is that many retirees in the UK end up living an isolated life or are overwhelmed with everyday admin tasks, which can lead to a drastic decline of a person’s wellbeing and quality of life. Elizabeth Hills from Sidcup was afraid that her mother, 90-year old Rosemary, was facing exactly this scenario.

Elizabeth comments: “I can see how people can so easily get isolated, because they are so busy coping with the everyday living that they don’t go out or make that phone call or anything. My mother was finding the day-to-day living stuff was taking all her time. She had no time doing the things that she really likes like pottering in the greenhouse, writing letters, watching television, reading books, knitting – all those sort of things. Her quality of life wasn’t great and could have been a lot better. We also became aware of the need for her to have people around her a bit more. Those were the main reasons for starting the search for alternative accommodation.”

Residents together Residents together

Determined to help her mother find a suitable property that can improve her overall lifestyle and wellbeing, the search led Elizabeth and Rosemary to Birchgrove, the modern lifestyle village for the over 80’s in Sidcup. “I like the fact that they are already working on the place [Birchgrove] as a community of people not a collection of apartments. They are going to provide a range of social activities, where my mother will have to interact with other people. I’ve noticed that she has always had good days whenever she has been with somebody or somebody has been to visit her. It makes a massive difference,” she adds.

 Due for completion in spring 2019, Birchgrove will feature 74 modern apartments with one, two and three-bedrooms. Residents have access to the exclusive onsite facilities that support the residents’ wellbeing on a physical and mental level. The onsite restaurant, club room, library and communal gardens are ideal to socialise with friends, family and other residents, whilst the wellbeing and fitness centre embraces an active lifestyle. To ensure that residents’ look as good as they feel, Birchgrove will also have its very own hairdressing and beauty salon.

For more information, please visit or contact the team on 020 3929 5599..

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