Surrey Life 23 December 2021

I've got what I had... and more

As we all adjust to a world where Covid is ever present, many retirees may be reviewing how they live and what they want for their future as they age.

Loneliness can be particularly difficult for older people. Age UK estimates that about 1.7 million people aged over 65 in England can go for a month without meeting up with a friend, and that over 300,000 have not had a conversation with family or friends over the same period. Unfortunately, the ongoing challenges of the pandemic has not made things easier. As a result, many older people can sadly feel isolated, unaware that solutions exist to help them feel part of a community.

Retirement living specialist Birchgrove is offering high-quality apartments for rent where older people can live independently, but also be part of a community and have access to an array of communal facilities and services, such as, restaurant, wellness suite, club room, bar and landscaped gardens.

The inclusive rent give you control of your money without surprise bills, service or maintenance charges. And there are no exit fees!

Woodbank_Bedroom3.original.jpg Woodbank_Bedroom3.original.jpg

Frank, 88 a resident at one of Birchgrove’s retirement communities said. “I was living on my own, nevertheless I was happy. I would have never considered moving out of my home until I saw something like Birchgrove. Nothing else came anywhere near it, unless you wanted to buy and pay anything up to £500,000 for a flat – and word on the street is they are extremely difficult to get rid of.

“One of the first hurdles I had to get over was renting. The word rent indicates nothing at the end and that’s not the way people of my generation think. However, I put it to my two boys, and once they got over the initial shock and we’d looked at it together, they said “yes, it’s a very good idea”.

“I am in a different world now, very happy I moved here. I didn’t want the hassle of buying, selling and all that effort that goes with a house and garden. I’ve got what I had before but plus – and it’s a big plus.”

Residents benefit from regular events and hobby groups that contribute to a happier lifestyle and community spirit, with regular trips out also organised. The onsite facilities contributes to the social aspect of everyday life, with communal gardens and facilities for people to get together.

All apartments feature wide doors and corridors, making them wheelchair accessible, whilst appliances in the kitchens are waist height for easy access. Modern bathrooms come with walk-in showers equipped with simple to use switches, taps and plugs.

To help residents make their move as stress-free as possible, Birchgrove offers a “Moveasy Package”. The team can assist with all aspects of the move, from putting the current home on the market, decluttering and selling unwanted items, helping shop for new furniture, managing the removal company, and packing and unpacking.

To find out more about moving to a Birchgrove retirement community, please contact the team on 020 3929 5599 or visit