25 January 2023

Reimagine ageing with Birchgrove

Old age is a condition not everyone gets to experience. Some might call that a privilege. But often, the thought of getting older fills individuals with anxiety, a sense of resignation, or even dread. Many people think ageing means a decline into disability, dementia, and dependency on others, but it doesn’t have to be that way according to renowned anti-ageing champion Sir Muir Gray.

Sir Muir Gray is one of Britain’s most senior medical figures renowned for his work in the NHS translating scientific evidence-based medical research into policy. Author of many books about ageing and health, his philosophy on ageing well is inspiring.

The Birchgrove team have embraced his cultural revolution to reimagine ageing and help as many people as possible to prolong, not only their lifespan, but their health span, so that they can lead a fuller, healthier later life.

What sets Birchgrove apart are its strong core values all focused on making sure residents of its retirement communities are healthy and fit and their later years as full and whole as possible.

Birchgrove designs its retirement communities to meet the needs of people in later life. You have the freedom to live as you please in a quality self-contained apartment that is future designed to anticipate changing needs and central to that is its ethos of supporting you to remain active and lead life independently. 

Apartment Apartment

Birchgrove offers modern and spacious apartments in Kent and Surrey. Each apartment is individually designed to maximise space and light and has the Birchgrove trademark of high-quality finishes so that the apartments are distinctly elegant - with details such as wide doors and corridors for freedom of movement and wheelchair access, appliances at waist height for ease of use in the fully fitted kitchens and en-suite showers. 

Once you reside at a Birchgrove retirement community you have access to exclusive onsite amenities such as a restaurant, bar, club room, wellness suite, library, communal terrace, landscaped gardens and greenhouse. For added peace of mind there is a concierge and 24-hour staff presence.

Birchgrove also offer complete packages to take the hassle out of moving. They will assist you with all aspects of the move, from putting your current home on the market to decluttering and selling unwanted items. The ‘Moveasy’ service, for example, even goes as far as helping you pick furniture for your new home! You can move into your new home stress free and with very little hassle. 

To find out more and to explore your options, please contact the team on 020 3929 5599 or visit www.birchgrove.life