Downsizing to a home that’s right for you

Downsizing commonly involves moving to a new, smaller home in later life that is more suited to your needs.

Whether this is to make it easier to maintain your home, allow you to free up some funds, or to have a place that makes day-to-day life easier.

It commonly involves finding a new home that is tailored to what you now need – and makes living at home more enjoyable.

Downsizing, or right-sizing?

As it’s usually a case of finding a home that’s right for you, we like to refer to it as rightsizing rather than downsizing. Giving you a home that suits how you now live and what you’re likely to need in the future.

Consequently, there are a few things to consider when choosing your new home that will ensure you get the right option for you.

Things to consider when rightsizing to a more suitable home...

Do you want to go through the process of buying your new home?

Though some people won’t mind going through the process of buying a new home, there are some, particularly those over 80, that may not want to manage another home purchase.

At Birchgrove our assisted living apartments are available to rent, making it quicker and easier to move in, without the stamp duty and estate agent fees.

Does your new home have a community of likeminded people?

It’s important to keep your friends close, particularly in later life. You’ll want your new home to be somewhere that allows you to stay sociable, make friends with likeminded people, as well as easily have friends and family come to visit.

Our facilities at Birchgrove help to make socialising easy, whether that’s in the onsite restaurant, our library, or in the hairdressing & beauty salon – all of which are right on your doorstep.

Do you have access to the care you might need in the future?

Leaving your current home can be tough, so when you do so, you want it to be to somewhere that will suit your needs for the foreseeable future, rather than having to move again in a few years time.

Here at Birchgrove, we provide future proof assisted living, which means you can have your own apartment along with care tailored to your needs. From helping with ironing to personal care and medication.

Does it still feel like ‘home’?

Most importantly, your new place to live needs to feel like it’s your home. Hence why we like ‘rightsizing’ rather than downsizing – it’s got to feel right. 

Our apartments at Birchgrove allow you to easily reflect your individual tastes and personality, and are designed not only to look nice, but are also easy to use.

Ready to make yourself at home?

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