News Shopper 17 February 2021

Should I move into a retirement community?

This is probably a question that crosses many minds when you see an advert about the benefits of a supported living community. It’s most certainly a question that causes long hard reflection by those facing the reality that with age comes the need to review where you may want to live. The decision should perhaps be focused on:

Do you want to do all you can to stay healthy, in control and independent for as long as possible. If so, what changes do you need to make to how and where you live, to better achieve this?

We spoke to the team at Birchgrove for advice on what would help you in making the decision. Here’s what they said:

“A significant number of people who had made contact with us in the past have been back in touch. People who initially came, had a look, considered moving but decided for one reason or another it wasn’t time yet. But are now saying ‘I really want to move in.’

“Other stories we are hearing are not quite so palatable. Stories of those who hesitated, remained at home and sadly the challenges of lockdown have led to such a rapid decline they’ve ended up in hospital and needing intermediary care to recuperate. Or worse, have lost their independence completely and now require 24hr care.”

“By not making a tough decision today, you risk leaving much tougher decisions to your children tomorrow..

Apartment lounge Apartment lounge

“The majority of people in later life have the freedom today, to take decisions that can
keep them independent for longer. By deciding on your living options for when you age and your needs change, you retain control over what happens to you in the future.

“Our retirement communities at Birchgrove are designed to help you stay healthier, happier and stronger, both physically and mentally, for longer. Our apartments are designed to support the changing needs we all go through as we naturally age. A philosophy that extents to the shared spaces designed to encourage a close-knit community amongst residents. Gardens, leisure areas and relaxing spaces all provide opportunities for connection whether planned or by chance. There is no need for anyone here to feel lonely or isolated.

“This is what a Birchgrove community delivers. It’s a far better outcome than leaving decisions so late, you no longer have either the choice or the control you were trying to hold on to.”

Birchgrove’s Queensgate Apartments offers modern and spacious 1, 2 and 3 bed self-contained apartments for people in later life who want to continue living independently in their own home, but with assistance and support available should they need it. If you would like to find out more about Queensgate Apartments, get in touch with the team at Birchgrove on 020 3929 5599 or visit