Pat and Mike's Story

Pat and Mike moved from Luton to be closer to their daughter and were attracted by the ease of life an all-inclusive rent offered…

We made changes to our life, to enjoy it better

We wanted to be closer to our daughter in Knaphill, so we researched online and found Woodbank Apartments. 

We thought about buying in a retirement complex at first, but you've got ground rent, and a lease, and our daughters will get left with it when we're no longer here. It's selling; that's the problem. There's no escaping it, and it takes a long time in one of these places.

We chose to rent because we just want a peaceful life, that’s all. At this stage in our lives, we don’t want all the problems that go with buying or owning a home – definitely not the upkeep! The inclusive rent gives us minimal responsibility, and we feel more comfortable, secure and safe here… that’s what we wanted and what we’ve got.”  

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At first, the all-inclusive rent seemed a bit expensive. Still, when you add it all up, you realise everything's paid for, and practically everything is included - except council tax and food. It covers electricity, water, heating, WIFI, telephone, window cleaning, and a housekeeper who helps with chores like cleaning once a week – even a night watchman.

We've a maintenance engineer on site – he helped put up our blinds when we moved in and assembled and fitted our new wardrobes. And it takes the pressure off our daughters when they come to visit. They don't have to help sort our bills or switch providers, weed the patio, or sort out a leaking tap, you know, all those silly jobs because all that goes away as it's included and dealt with for you.

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We are surrounded by lots of green places and love walking – Hook Heath village, routes around Woking golf course and the nearby Surrey Hills.

I love gardening, and I’ve got all my plants and flowers in the greenhouse and raised beds. One of the best things about living here is feeling part of the social community. The staff organise lots of events that bring everyone together – rummy, quizzes, scrabble – things that keep your going. And we love the special dinner evenings and exercise classes – chair aerobics is my favourite; I find it really beneficial.   

I wouldn’t say it feels like home just yet as we’ve recently moved in, but it’s close… there is a sense of safety living here we didn’t have before because you’d worry about whether you’d locked all the doors. And the staff really do care, and I find that very comforting. In fact, that’s what inspired us to come here, the presence and commitment of the team; it gave us an immense feeling of confidence. Other places just didn’t have many staff members on site. Here, you’ve always got lots of people around to support you… everyone is so very attentive, warm and helpful. 

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