Woking News & Mail 03 March 2022

Finding community

People are loving the ease of our rental model and the speed at which they can move into a Birchgrove retirement community. Each apartment is individually designed to maximise space and light. Future designed to make it easy to navigate, each fully fitted kitchen has the Birchgrove trademark of high-quality appliances and walk-in showers. Finished to a high standard, the apartments are distinctively elegant.

Meet Miriam. She is a retired primary school teacher who loves meeting people and making new friends.

Miriam is a social lady and throughout her life enjoyed a large group of friends. She and her husband made a comfortable life together. They enjoyed living in their home for over 60 years. But over time, circumstances have changed. Miriam lost her husband four years ago. Her circle of friends dwindled as people moved out of the area or passed away. This left Miriam without company and isolated from her family. Her children wanted to help her, but they lived hours away. 

Miriam sought a new community and new friends. At Woodbank Apartments she has found both. She lives among like-minded people. A ready-made group of friends to enjoy chatting and relaxing together. It is easy to meet new people and there is plenty to do. A leisurely woodland walk on the grounds perhaps. Or maybe attending one of the regular events and activities planned by the Woodbank team. 

Besides all the on-site facilities, Woodbank Apartments are situated in the lovely residential area of Hook Heath near Woking. The area has a mix of shops and restaurants to offer. Miriam loves being in the centre of all this activity.  Of course, Miriam enjoys retreating to her well-appointed, comfortable, and private apartment at the end of the day.

Woodbank_Restaurant.jpg Woodbank_Restaurant.jpg

All apartments come with a fully fitted kitchen, but this doesn’t much interest Miriam. She hates cooking. She doesn’t go hungry though. Miriam makes use of the Kitchen Brasserie, a modern on-site eatery. She can enjoy a meal by herself, with other residents or invite her family to join her. 

Not only does moving to Woodbank Apartments suit Miriam and her social life, but it has given her son and daughter some much-needed peace of mind. They worried that they lived too far away to help if need be. But now, Miriam lives much closer. 

Miriam’s family are also happy to know that each apartment is fitted with an easy-to-use digital telecare console. These clever little consoles make sure help is available at the touch of a button. There are staff present on-site 24-hours a day, seven days a week. 

Miriam enjoys independence. But it is comforting to know that the Woodbank team offers extra assistance if she needs support with day-to-day living in the future. 

If you would like to find out more about living at a Birchgrove retirement community, contact the team who will happily talk through the options and tailor something that works to support your individual needs.