Surrey Comet 01 April 2021

We came for two weeks and didn't go home

Most of us love the comfort of our own home. Even when in our hearts, we know our current situation is not the best for us, it feels safer than the unknown that lies beyond. However, the rewards of stepping outside your comfort zone have simply to be experienced to be believed. Helen, who moved to Birchgrove’s Queensgate Apartments, in Sidcup during lockdown, goes on to explain.

“I’ll tell you my story. We first visited Birchgrove two years ago – that was when our search began – and we really liked it. My husband has a trapped nerve in his neck, and he’s lost the use of his arms and hands, which makes it hard for him to get up the stairs or shower. I wash and dress him, help him shave and do pretty much everything for him, and I guess the time had come when we needed to move to have an easier life.

“So, we started looking at all the possibilities. There’s a lot to consider; you can’t just up and go straight away, you have to weigh it all up and be 100 per cent sure. We looked at a number of options but either didn’t like the layouts or what they offered, whereas Birchgrove’s offer was outstanding. That’s why we came back, we really liked the place.

“The apartments are spacious and well laid out, but what really stood out for me was the friendliness. It’s very warm, very welcoming and friendly. The fact it’s near family, which is one of the main things I really wanted, makes it ideal, but it’s still a big decision.

Woodbank_Lounge.original.jpg Woodbank_Lounge.original.jpg

“If you are going to test how deep the water is, it’s best not to do it with both feet, so we came to stay on respite initially and we didn’t go home.’

“At this, Helen laughs out loud. It satisfied me so quickly that I said, ‘now I can’t go back
to my house after two weeks living the life here’

“I’ve never rented in my life, but for what you get, I am well satisfied. I know it’s taken us a bit longer to get here, but we’re here now, and it’s excellent. It’s a bonus being able to eat here, and we both enjoy the food very much.

“The activities are wonderful; we are joining in as much as we can but we’re still moving in. We’re so pleased to be here and glad we were able to move in so quickly.”

Birchgrove operate high-quality retirement communities around the M25 and has developments in Sidcup, Kent; Hook Heath Woking, and an upcoming community in Ewell, Surrey.

If you feel ready to decide to retain your future independence, the Birchgrove team will happily talk you through the options and tailor something that works to support your personal needs. You’ll be amazed at how quickly plans can be put in place to help you move at speed into a place where you will be warmly welcomed, supported and looked out for. To find out more call 020 3929 5599 or visit